Thursday, 12 June 2014

Previous Creations: Nintendo Part 2

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog :) In this post I add the remaining Nintendo crafts I have done in the past. Hope you like them and don't hesitate to ask something if you would like to make something yourself! My next project now will definitely be a Yoshi amigurumi. After I have seen footage of Yoshi's Woolly world I need to do something to contain my excitement!

This big Animal Crossing New Leaf magnet I made just after the game came out. I picked up a free flyer from GAME and cut out all the little characters. Then I used Mod Podge to glue them all onto a wooden plague that I painted blue.

This Samus is quite big and very easy to make with Hama beads. How to use Hama beads you can find in THIS tutorial. It makes a nice decoration on it's own or would also be nice to frame, or stick a magnet on the back and you have a fridge magnet. Possibilities are endless! :P

These little Christmas ornaments we had in our tree last year, with a big Mario star on the top. Very easy to make and looks much nicer than boring balls haha. Just make them with HAMA beads and push a little hook through the top of them.

This pumpkin we made for Halloween 2013. There is not much to say about it really, except that my man Dave cut his finger while doing it.

This is a Zelda inspired hanger, which I made in the same way as I made THIS hanger. This one might be a bit easier and definitely faster to make than the Mario one.

That are all the Nintendo related crafts I have made.. as far as I can think of at the moment. If I find any more photos, I'll post them!

Thanks for reading! :-)


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Previous creations: Nintendo

Hi guys, I am not sure what tutorial to do next, so I have decided to make a couple of blog posts with my previously made creations. Hopefully you will see something you like and you would like to see a tutorial of. As I am a big fan of everything Nintendo, this blog post will be about all the things I have crafted to do with Nintendo. 

Big Crochet Kirby Blanket

 The Kirby blanket has cost me blood, sweat and tears, but I am quite proud of it. It has a nice spot on the wall in Lucy's room now. Maybe we will start using it as a blanket again later.

Above are three of the canvases I painted and then I made Hama beads creations to go on top of the paintings to give it a 3d effect. On the photos they all have different backgrounds, but that was because that was in our old house. Now they are hanging all next to each other in our hallway and I think it's a nicer decoration than the ones you get in shops. 

Kirby amigurumi
Last one for this post is a little stuffed Kirby. It was one of the first 3D things I crocheted, so it's not perfect, but I think it looks cute anyway! :)

I still have more Nintendo related crafts to post, but I will do that in my next blog post. Please let me know if you see anything you would like me to make a tutorial of. Also I sell everything that I make, don't be afraid to ask for the price, because I sell it as cheap as I can!

Bye for now! :-)