Monday, 19 October 2015

An ode to special men

Let's just take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful men we have in our lives. Sure, sometimes he drives you mad when you trip over his shoes that are parked in the middle of the living room AGAIN (!), but let's be honest, where would we be without our sweet, caring and clumsy men. As an ode to  these special men, I thought we could all crochet this jumper for the most important man in our lives.

 Whether it's your partner, dad, son, friend, it doesn't matter.  Just show them we appreciate them.
Make sure you put love in every single stitch you make, so when the person you give it to wears it, he will feel wrapped in your love and appreciation. How special is that?

The free pattern for this jumper is from Red Heart and in case you missed the link above, it's here.

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