Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Happy Bunny

While flicking through crochet patterns today, I came across this bunny.
I made this about a year ago and then donated it to a charity for sick children, because they could use the smile of this cutie better than me. Now I have seen a photo of it again, I think I might need to make myself one again. I mean look at it! LOOK AT IT! So adorable. Find the pattern for free here on Ravelry.

 If you have never made an amigurumi, this might be a good project to start with to practise working in the rounds. Make sure you sit in a nice quiet room with a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, with a big pot of tea and a truck load of chocolate (these factors are crucial). The reason for this is that you have to count and you don't want to lose count, because that will lead to frustration, which will inevitably lead to eating more chocolate.

Happy Hooking!

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