Monday, 26 October 2015

I wish you a vintage Christmas

Halloween is just around the corner now, and although Halloween is nice, we all know that it's just secretly being used as a holiday that once it's over, it gives us the all-clear to put up our beloved Christmas decorations. The moment we look forward to all year, right? Well, at least fun people do anyway! :)

As you may know I am a bit of a granny trapped in a 28 year old body. I love crocheting, everything vintage and when I watch a movie and make it past 10 PM without falling asleep, it's safe to say it's a miracle. Therefore it is that I could not contain my excitement when I saw these vintage crochet Christmas trees on Pinterest today.
Yes, that's right, they are actually just all granny squares added together. Why did I not think of that!
It's not really a pattern, but it does have handy instructions with photos and I am sure even a beginner could make these. I found it on a blog with the cute name SewRitzyTitzy. It's a blog that now has been discontinued, but thankfully it still has all the posts about, crochet, knitting and vintage. Perfect to nose around for inspiration and ideas!

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