Saturday, 17 October 2015

Oh Deer!

Every Friday morning I go to a lovely craft group where I meet my friends and we have tea and craft together. Sounds perfect right? It is! What made yesterday even better is that when my lovely other half picked me up, he said he had a surprise for me (lucky me!) and what a surprise that was! Have you EVER seen a cushion that cute? No, me neither. I am a true hoarder of things I don't have a use for and this fits in my collection perfectly!

I hear you thinking now, enough with making me jealous with that cushion, where is the free pattern for today?! You can go and get it here. It's a pattern for a super cute reindeer hat made by the lady behind Repeat Crafter Me. On the photo below you can see that the antlers are made of felt, but she has also made a pattern for crochet antlers. They might stand up better than the felt ones and you can find that pattern here.
Be a deer and show me a photo once you have finished one :)

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