Friday, 30 October 2015

Woodland obsession

The last couple of weeks I have had a growing interest (read obsession) in everything woodland. Rabbits, deers, leaves, trees, foxes, you name it, I love it. Maybe it is because of the autumny weather or the fond memories I have of walking through the fields with my uncle and trying to spot as many wild animals as we could. Anyway this obsession means two things: it will probably make our bank account cry and our house needs to have a makeover into everything woodland. Yesterday I was already lucky enough to find a reduced shower curtain with all kinds of cute animals on it ( you know you are getting older when you are getting this excited about a new shower curtain!)

If the shower curtain wasn't enough, today my sweetheart Dave surprised me yet again with a new duvet set for our bed and it's perfect! See photo below. Do I need to say more? 

To save us some money, I have been looking around for crochet patterns in this theme and one of them was this adorable fox that I found here on the website of Red Heart. 

This will fit perfect in between all the other woodland items that I have yet to acquire and store in my hoarder's nest. We (and our wallet) can only hope my next obsession won't be until after the holidays! 

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