Monday, 2 November 2015

Kick off to Christmas!

Now Halloween is over, we finally don't have to whisper the C-word anymore. We can shout it from the roof tops now! Christmas is coming! Let's kick off shamelessly with these Christmas ornament hats by the never disappointing  Repeat Crafter Me.
I am sure everyone in your family will be thrilled when they find out that you have made each and every one of them a hat like this and they are not to allowed to take it off until Christmas is over. It will be a great addition to the ugly Christmas jumper everyone HAS to wear because we think it's so cute and cosy. Speaking of which, I might have to look for a pattern for one of those! I'll make sure to share it with you when I manage to find one. For now, get started with these hats. No one would want to miss out on one of these!

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