Monday, 19 May 2014

Upcycle your old table tutorial

What you'll need:

-A table (or any object you would like to decorate, almost everything works!) I used THIS one. 
-Mod Podge or Decopatch glue. (Not very cheap, but they go a long way, so it's well worth it.
-A paint brush.
-Paper. Any decoupage paper will do. You could do it all in the same colour, or like me choose different colours that go well together and mix 'm up.
-(Optional) varnish, which makes the table look just a little more shinier and also offers more protection. If you choose not to use varnish that is fine, since the Mod Podge or glue you use will already give it protection.
-(Optional) sand paper to sand down the surface of the object you are decorating.

I started by sanding down the table to take the layer of paint off. This is optional. I just find the paper stick nicer to the surface then.

As a preparation you take your decoupage paper and start 
tearing them into small pieces. ( I know that hurts, since the
paper is a bit pricey, but it will be well worth it in the end 
trust me ;))

Dip your paint brush in the glue and apply it to the table. Then pick up a piece of paper with your pencil (in that case you don't get your hands dirty) and stick it to the glue you just applied on the table. Once it's stuck on there, go with your brush over the paper and make sure it is nice and smooth with no bumps or lumps underneath the paper. Once you've done that, apply a little bit of glue on the table next to you first piece of paper and pick up another piece of paper and stick it on. Make sure it overlaps the first piece of paper a little bit, so you won't have any gaps. Repeat this until the whole object is covered. 
For the sides of the table I use the edges of the paper, because they are already perfectly straight and therefore will fit perfectly on the edges. 

Once the whole table is covered, put another layer of glue over the paper your applied to the table. Once this is dry it will form a protection. It dries pretty quick, so your table can be used within a couple of hours of making it. If you want to put an extra layer of varnish over it, make sure you let it first dry properly and then just use your paint brush to cover the table with a layer of varnish. This will also have to dry again. Once it's dry, you can use your new table!
Hope this was useful for you and please show me the result of your decoupage project!


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