Monday, 16 October 2017

Nintendo 2 DS Case

We have a lot of consoles and handhelds in our family and it's always my job to make a protective case for them. It's a lot cheaper than buying the official ones plus I prefer anything handmade over mass made items. The most recent case I made was for a Nintendo 2DS. I posted a photo of it on Reddit and some people showed interest in the pattern, so I decided to write it down and share it with everyone! It's very simple, here it comes:

Yarn used: Patons Smoothie DK ( less than one ball) 
Let me just say something about this yarn quickly. It's made up out of 5 little strands, which makes it a bit splitty while working with it, but it works up so beautifully. It actually looks a lot like cotton, but it is 100% acrylic. It's always my go-to yarn when I make a case, but any DK weight yarn would work. 

3.5 mm Crochet hook ( Google tells me that that is E/4 in American terms ) 

This pattern is written in American terms.

Let's begin!

Start with chain 33

Row 1: 2 DC in the 3rd ch from the hook, * Skip 2 ch, 1 SC and 2 DC in the next ch ( all 3 stitches together in the same space) ; Repeat from * across, ending Skip 2 ch, 1 SC in the last ch, ch 2 and turn.

Row 2: 2 DC in first SC ( see photo 1) * Skip 2 DC, 1 SC and 2 DC in the next SC ( Photo 2).
Repeat from * across ending with 1 SC around the ch 2 turning chain from the previous round ( Photo 3 and 4) Ch 2, turn

After row 2 your piece should look like photo 5. It should be the width of your 2DS now. If it's way too small of too big, you have to start over, that means you have a different tension than me. If you have to start over make sure your start with a starting chain that is a multiple of 3 and start at row 1 again. I know it's annoying to frog something, but better now than at the end!

Row 3 - 41: Repeat row 2.

Scroll down to see what to do now!

Photo 1
Photo 2

Photo 3
Photo 4

Photo 5

After you have finished row 41 your piece should look like photo 6 (Don't finish off!)

Photo 6
Now take the bottom of your crocheted piece en fold it double to the back (Photo 7 is picture from the side to illustrate)
Photo 7

Now we are going to attach the two short sides together with slip stitches. Turn your work in a way that you have the loop of your last made stitch on the front and the other short side on the back. 
Ch1, put your hook through both sides and make a slip stitch.Make slip stitches like this all the way across (Photo 8) and once you have reached the bottom of your case, finish off your yarn and work away your loose ends. 
Photo 8
Now we are doing the same with the other short side. We attach yarn on the bottom, so the opposite side of the side we just started on. Ch 1 and make a slip stitch through both sides again. Repeat this all the way across, until you are at the top of the case ( the only side that is open) Finish off and work away your loose ends.
Turn your case inside out now, so your slip stitches are on the inside and the outside looks like photo 9.
Photo 9

At this point you should be able to already fit your 2DS in the case and if you are happy with how it looks now you are finished, however to finish it off nicely, I made a round of SC's all along the top (the open part)
To do that attach your yarn in a stitch on the side and ch 1, then make 3 SC's in every "shell".
On one side this will be easy because there are already 3 stitches per shell, but on the other side you'll be working into the bottom of the chain that you started with. Here you just divide 3 SC's over every shell. Once you have finished doing that, finish off and work away your loose ends. 

Your case is now finished! May it protect your 2DS forever! 

This design, written pattern, and images are a copyright of ©SiriouslyHandmade. You may make and sell products from my patterns. I do ask that you include a link to the pattern with credit for the design. Please do not copy and/or repost this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not copy and/or re-publish photos as your own.

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