The Lucy scarf

You'll need:

150 meters of acrylic double knitting yarn. (this is for toddler size, you'll need more if you make it bigger)
4 mm crochet hook.

Darning needle to work away your ends.

For the toddler size I started with 28 chains. (24+4)
If you are making it for an older child or adult, you should make this longer. It has to be a multiple of 8+4. These chains will decide how wide your scarf is going to be.

Row 1:  3 DC in 4th ch from the hook,*skip 3 chains, 1 SC in next chain, skip 3 ch, 7 DC in next chains # Repeat from * to # to last 5 chains at the end, SC in next, skip 3 chains, 4 DC in last chain.
turn. (2 full shells and 2 half shells)

Row 2: Chain 6 (counts as 1 DC and ch 3), DC in SC of previous row, ch3, DC in 4th DC of the shell of previous row, ch 3, DC in SC of previous row. Repeat this sequence till the end and end with a DC in the top of chain 3 of previous round. Turn (7 DC's)

Row 3: chain 1 and SC in first stitch,* chain 3 and SC in DC of previous round#
Repeat * to # until end of row. Turn (6 chain 3 spaces)

Row 4: repeat row 3

Row 5: chain 1 and SC in first SC, *skip chain 3 space and make 7 DC's in next sc, skip chain 3 space and make 1 SC in SC from previous round. #
Repeat * to # until the end of this row. (3 full shells)

Row 6: Chain 3 (counts as 1 DC). make 3 more DC in the first SC, make a SC in 4th stitch of the shell of previous round, make 7 DC's in SC from previous round. In the last stitch of the row you only make 4 DC's (half a shell) instead of 7. ( two full shells and two half shells)

Now repeat row 2 till 6 until you have reached the desired length. Finish off, work away your ends.

Fringe: Cut off pieces of yarn which are double the length of the length that you want the fringes to be. Fold the pieces of yarn double, pull the loop through the stitch you want to make the fringes on and pull the ends of the yarn through the loop. Pull tight to secure.

I hope this is clear enough to understand and I also hope there are no errors.  Let me know if you find one or if you have any other questions!

Happy hooking!

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